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Write online texts , Do you know the Google Mobilegeddon update. Well, precisely what I told you in the first two paragraphs was what Google revealed when it created the update of its algorithm called “ Mobilegeddon” . That is to say, this algorithm makes it almost essential to have a website or blog that includes content that is more friendly to the world of mobile terminals. And you, do you know how to write responsive texts or texts that adapt better to mobile phones? This is precisely the reason why I once again turn to my favorite copywriter.

Mobilegeddon about

So, with her particular way email leads of explaining things. Tere will show us what points we must take into account so that when writing texts online they adapt perfectly to the screen of any mobile device. How do you write texts adapted to mobile phones? How to Write Responsive Texts or That Adapt to Mobile Phones? One fine day last April I was preparing to write a new digital guide dedicated to writing texts adapted to mobile devices . Curiously, I decided to start the guide in question with these words: Have you noticed them.

Write texts adapted

Have you felt those powerful vibrations India Phone List that have been shaking the entire world for a few days? Scared? I’m not surprised. These tremors are the aftershocks of the seismic movement caused by the new Google update. And we should all be. If not distressed, certainly very attentive. “Mobilegeddon” the experts call it. Apocalyptic name, no cute little animals like the other two main updates before (you know, I mean the Penguin and the Panda).

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