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Offline marketing Print marketing Here we are not just talking about magazines and newspapers, but also posters, leaflets, pamphlets, cards, correspondence or any other type of print material.Audience into Customers! Name * Email * Access for Free should_not_change Do you want to know more about where Digital Marketing came from and where it is going ? Follow me! History of Digital Marketing If you were born in the 90s, you know that a lot has chang in the digital environment until it reach what we have today.

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The Internet and the emergence of Digital Marketing We can say that Digital Marketing emerg with the popularization of the Internet around the 1990s. In the beginning — a period known as Web 1.0 — there were few websites and they were very different from what they are today. The pages were very basic and there was no type of interaction with the user. In short: the person just visit the page, read the content and left. Things start to change in 1994, the year in which the Latest database first clickable banner appear: first clickable banner A few years later, the first free email services arriv, until, in 1998, the search engine that chang the history of the Internet was launch: Google.

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Google gif With the turn of the millennium, there were other important events, such as the emergence of virtual encyclopias, blogs and social networks — Facebook, for example, was launch in 2004 (and the late Orkut too!). This way, users stopp passively consuming information and began to have the possibility of producing their own content and exchanging experiences with other people. In this way, virtual communities gave rise to Web 2.0 , more dynamic and collaborative. That’s also when big brands realiz that generating content on the Internet was a great branding strategy . If before they ne to go India Phone List to customers ( Outbound Marketing ), now customers would come to them ( Inbound Marketing ).

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