A more accurate


 Therefore, it is suitable to be used as an performance indicator to evaluate internal operation teams and suppliers and evaluate the effectiveness of brand planting. 2. On the traffic side, how to solve the problem?

At the beginning of the

article, we said that the current dilemma EBay Number lies in: insufficient traffic. A more accurate answer is: There are not enough people growing high-quality grass. This is also why the “popularity logic” is failing: there are explosive articles, but no buzz. On the one hand, the cost of creating explosive articles has become higher.

As long as commercial

information is added, the initial traffic will be limited, and the cost of distribution will increase, causing the cost of explosive articles to remain high.

On the other hand, there are many softer and Latvia Phone Number more secretive articles. Buzz articles can indeed attract natural traffic, but brand and product placement content can easily be lost in other more attention-grabbing information. Even if the comment area is a small theater or a strong intervention, the effect will be limited.


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