Douyin’s exposure

The starting point of reading notes for experts is getting lower and lower (the platform hopes to spend more budget on streaming). For merchants, there are more and more owever, even if the overlap between the target groups is high, it still depends on whether exposure on Xiaohongshu is the most cost-effective, that is,

calculating the exposure

cost of the target group. For example, when brazil phone number promoting the girlfriend app, we found that Douyin’s exposure cost for women with high spending power in second- and third-tier cities is far lower than that of Xiaohongshu. If Xiaohongshu is chosen as the exposure platform, how to set the exposure assessment indicators? There are two

core indicators: First,

it refers to the search for a certain category of keywords. On the Red Book search page, the proportion and ranking of the number of notes of the brand in the top positions – usually targeting Xiaohongshu as a key exposure channel

Second, conduct a backward survey on Iran Phone Number purchasing users, asking users “on which platform did you first see the product or service and leave an impression?”, and then divide the exposure cost on Xiaohongshu by “the first time you saw it on Xiaohongshu” “Number of users who have accessed the product” to obtain the exposure cost of a single target user – usually targeting Xiaohongshu as one of the exposure channels.


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