Grass planting goal

 If you are a boss, trader or person in charge, it is enough to keep an eye on these two indicators. Others, such as the rate of explosive articles, are process indicators of the team’s execution. , Grass planting goal As Xiaohongshu’s grass planting mentality becomes increasingly mature, it has gradually become a reference platform for national shopping influence and shopping decision-making.

 How to measure the effect

of grass planting? For new categories, look usa phone number at the search index of Xiaohongshu products; for mature categories, look at the ranking of your own brand words in the upstream and downstream search terms of the Xiaohongshu category – usually the upstream words represent mind share, and the downstream words represent the grass-planting effect.

 Similarly, indicators such as

, , and search retrieval rate are just process Italy Phone Number indicators. , conversion goals, and conversion goals mainly depend on Xiaohongshu closed-loop e-commerce transactions and customer investment lead transactions. Note that the goals of Xiaohongshu here, whether it is exposure, planting or conversion, are strongly linked to our personal testing and final business results.

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