Write online texts that seduce people and Google

Write online , What happens to the people who read these texts online? Will they be seduced by our digital storytelling if we only think about SEO? Being honest with you, I have to admit that if I 100% respect a text focused on SEO . As was done until not long ago. It is most likely that it will now seem somewhat forced or robotic to you. On the other hand if I only worry about writing in the most seductive way possible to attract your attention. Perhaps I run the risk that over time that specific article will be forgotten in the trunk of memories due to lack of positioning and web traffic . .

Reader's attention

So, why not write SEO texts email leads that are optimized for Google and that. In turn, capture the reader’s attention. That is, the key is to seek an entente cordiale. Better yet, a pseudo-balance between both formulas slightly oriented towards the user. Taking Google into account, but writing digital texts more designed for humans, we will be able to conquer the two main protagonists of this love story that must last in the long term.

Humans Google alike

Thinking about the latter, about captivating India Phone List my audience and Google. In this guest post I once again collaborate with Tere Rodríguez. Tere has prepared an extensive and very interesting post for us that will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for all of us who are looking every day to be able to write texts that seduce both the almighty Google and human readers alike. I assume you’re going to enjoy it! How to write online texts that captivate humans and Google alike? How to Write Online Texts That Seduce People AND Google.

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