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Engagement and proximity! Netflix itself has already made waves by releasing the film “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” or the series “Trivia Quest”, for example, in which the viewer, through the control of the TV, literally controls events, choosing whatever they want . characters ask or answer questions. Cool huh? And, as you can imagine, this type of content is also gaining traction on the Internet! Some examples of interactive online content are questionnaires, tests, virtual calculators, games.

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Which can even be insert alongside text content. So you can see, the supermarket price simulator from one of our clients, call PROTESTE!, aims to help ruce supermarket shopping expenses , showing a list of establishments with the cheapest prices near the region where the search is carri out: PROTESTE supermarket price simulator Start creating online content for your company now! At this point, it’s no secret that investing in online new data content creation is a fundamental aspect for any company that wants to prosper! When developing a strategy, it is important that you put the customer at the center of decisions and be able to explore the most diverse formats.

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With that in mind, I sav the best for last: we, here at Orgânica, are experts in Digital Marketing strategies and use Inbound Marketing to create and distribute all types of online content across the most diverse channels! Our team is ready to help your company attract, win more customers and, most importantly, increase sales! Want to better understand how we can help you? Request a free diagnosis and together we will take the next steps to make your company stand out in the market ! Tip: Orgânica is a Content Marketing Agency specializing in Sales . Know more! Do you want to Increase your Sales through Digital India Phone List  Marketing? Receive a free Digital Marketing Diagnosis + Consultancy from Orgânica personaliz for your business! Excuse me, Rodolfo, I have a question.

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