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Of course, Mia! Which would beAfter all, what is Digital Marketing and how does it work? Let’s do it by steps! First, I’ll introduce myself to the reader: nice to meet you! My name is Rodolfo Benetti and I wrote this text to help you (and Mia) understand more about Digital Marketing ! (Oh, and Mia is the name of the dog in the image above). You may have already heard about the subject, but do you really know what Digital Marketing is and how it works ? Until the end of the text, I will tell you: what Digital Marketing is , how it works and how to start using it.

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Let’s go there? Where did Digital Marketing come from and where is it going? At the beginning of the Internet, the systems were outdat and the pages were very simple. There were no interaction channels between company and customer . Communication took place unilaterally, as in traditional marketing methods . The Internet evolv and, around the 2000s, Digital Marketing began to be built. The growth in the number of users has l companies to invest more and more in this sector, bringing great technical new database and technological evolution. We follow all this movement and, just like Digital Marketing , we are also in constant evolution , adapting more and more to the nes of brands and audience profiles.

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Then smartphones and mobile networks (3G, 4G) emerg, making access to the large network even easier. To give you an idea, in 1999, there were around 280 million internet users in the world. In 2014, that number jump to almost 3 billion! This gigantic increase in human traffic in the digital environment forc brands to also migrate to the Internet. But, little by little, companies notic that the great reach of the network was not the only advantage of Digital Marketing over offline marketing : Sell ​​600% more India Phone List by following (just) 11 steps Have at hand a unique and proven methodology that will make your company sell up to 600% more.

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